Braddock Financial, LLC is an independent, employee owned, SEC registered investment adviser based in Denver. Braddock, founded in 1994, is a seasoned asset manager focusing on fixed income products in the asset-backed debt securities sectors (structured products). Braddock believes that asset-backed securities provide an opportunity to build and manage public and private portfolios resulting in superior risk-adjusted returns. In addition to serving as a sub-advisor for a publicly traded mutual fund, Braddock offers customized separately managed accounts for institutions and high net worth individuals.


Experience makes a difference

Braddock’s team has participated in the Residential Mortgage Backed and Asset-Backed Securities markets (RMBS/ABS) since their inception. This deep experience, combined with our commitment to learning more through our research, defines our team. All of our efforts are directed toward one goal: Delivering the best risk-adjusted returns for our clients

Investment Expertise & Products


For over 20 years Braddock has invested in structured products markets (from AAA to Unrated bonds)

Strategic Investing

Our competitive advantage is a combination of deal structure and loan level expertise that identifies alpha through different market cycles.

Custom Tailored

Braddock can design and manage separately managed accounts to meet a client’s needs from both a credit and interest rate risk perspective.

Mutual Funds

Braddock provides a RMBS & Consumer ABS focused strategy in a mutual fund structure.

Braddock’s expertise is across structured products markets, including Non-Agency RMBS, ABS and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO). As these products have low correlation to traditional fixed income products, we believe an investment in a Braddock fund adds diversification and strong relative value to an investor’s fixed income portfolio.

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