Investment Expertise & Products

Investment Expertise & Products

Braddock invests in Asset-Backed Securities, including Non-Agency Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and Collateralized Loan Obligations backed by senior secured corporate loans. Our process is deeply rooted in proprietary loan level research, combined with the firm’s 20 years of experience investing in structured finance securities.

Structured finance markets offer opportunities to invest in securities with a broad spectrum of risk and return objectives. By analyzing the real estate markets and the economy (sector/industry conditions), Braddock identifies and captures alpha through different market cycles. Today’s structured finance products, both new issue and seasoned securities, provide strong relative value compared to competing fixed income asset classes.

Braddock manages private funds for individual and institutional investors and customizes separately managed accounts to meet a client’s parameters for risk, return and asset class.

The above strategy is also available in a mutual fund structure.

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